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Black Death – Interactive Scroll Documentary

Click to open the multimedia story. Allow popups. Recommended for Chrome & Safari. For the german version click HERE. Plague, Yersinia pestis, Scourge of God, or the Black Death – the plague has many names. It is known if at all, from the history books….



  Only in german language, built by the multimedia staff of DER SPIEGEL, cooperation with a group of photojournalist and writers. Please allow popups. The war of the Syrian regime against its own population has triggered the world’s largest refugee movement since the massacres of…


chained in paradise

Bali is a tropical vacation paradise, but there is a dark side few tourists get to see. People with mental illness, chained, caged or tied up by their families, often in shocking living conditions. Around 20 million people in Indonesia have mental illness. Help get…


Tracking the Dead Children

Uranium ammunition – that means “DU”, depleted uranium. It is uranium with a lower content of the fissile isotope U-235 than natural uranium. Most depleted uranium arises as a byproduct of the production of enriched uranium for use in nuclear reactors and in the manufacture…


los gallos fuertes – illegal cockfighting in cuba

Although it is illegal, nevertheless it is tolerated by the police. It even has a long standing tradition and some Cuban people were almost driven to ruin by betting. Cockfights. Early in the morning they make off, the one with fighting cocks, others only for…


frank & franky – the sewage workers

Below the Lower Saxony capital Hannover, a tunnel network of 2,500 kilometers permeates the soil. Frank & Franky know them inside out. For ten years the two sewage workers of urban drainage are a team, they control the 115-year-old tunnel system.Their job is not pleasant…


black metal – music or more?

Black Metal is a subculture emerged in Norway in the 1980s which rapidly spread throughout North and Central Europe. This scene sets a high value on limitation, their identifying features are burning churches, extremist ideas, murder, satanism and pentagrams. At performances, it is usual to…

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