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weekend warriors

Belgium, Lesve, July 2010, two German Landser shooting a bazooka on a street in Lesve, the spectators covering their ears.
Germany, 29 May 2010, a man in American uniform photographing another man in uniform.
Belgium, Lesve, July 210, portrait of a man playing a German Landser.
Belgium, Bons Secours, May 2011, a battle on a street, soldiers running and shooting.
Germany, Minden, September 2011, a young reenactor polishing his Wehrmacht uniform in his garden.
Belgium, Genk, August 2010, spectators standing on a bridge, observing tanks of the Second World War.
Belgium, Lesve, July 2010, a girl covering her ears during a battle scene between German Landser and American soldiers.
Belgium, Mons, 02 October 2010, an overweight family sitting on a bench, wearing British uniforms of the Second World War.
Germany, Alfeld, May 2010, reenactment of an execution, a reenactor in German uniform playing the execution of an American soldier.
Belgium, Genk, August 2010, a little boy wearing a tailor-made American Airborne parachuting uniform and an original submachine gun.
Belgium, Genk, August 2010, American tank, smoke, a family with child looking at the tank.
Germany, May 2010, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, the reenactors talking about weapons.
Belgium, Mons, October 2010, after the battles, the reenactors drinking beer, an American and German officer.
Belgium, Bons Secours, May 2011, an old motorcycle with sidecar of the Wehrmacht.
Belgium, Genk, August 2010, flee market with military objects of the Second World War, two boys looking at hand grenades.
Belgium, Bons Secours, May 2011, a man playing a soldier of the Feldgendarmerie, a girl wearing the Yellow Star.
Belgium, Bastogne, December 2010, hands of a German soldier, binoculars, wearing a SS honor ring.
Belgium, Lesve, July 2011, shot down reenactors, playing German Landser, lying on the street.
Belgium, Bastogne, December 2010, an American officer with cigar.
Belgium, Lesve, July 2010, children marvelling at a machine gun.
elgium, Bons Secours, May 2011, a little American officer reenactor arresting a German SS general.
Belgium, Bastogne, December 2010, a military hospital in a Belgian church, a wounded soldier lying on a barrow getting an infusion.
Germany, May 2010, reenactors playing American soldiers on a abandoned industrial area.
Belgium, Bastogne, December 2010, an American soldier sitting on a troop carrier, the forest is covered with snow.
Belgium, Lesve, July 2010, German Wehrmacht reenactors walking on a street in the Belgian village Lesve.


Playing german and american soldiers in the time of world war II isn’t just a famous hobby in the United States any more. “Reenactment” the free time war is called and it’s not bearing on politics, so the performers say. Original uniforms, blank cartridges and a lot of canned beer après Bataille should awake the history of perish to life. War as a weekend happening.
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germany/ belgium 2010/2011


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